Creating architecture that is well-crafted, useful, and delightful.

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What Our Clients Value

Our clients value family and relationships. Their vision is to create a place where family memories are made for generations.

They admire the beautiful characteristics of old homes. They want a home that has the soul of an old house, but also has open, light-filled spaces that flow together and open to outdoor living spaces.

Our clients value our ability to achieve a timeless character in a legacy home that meets their need for comfort and is rooted to the land they love.

Who We Are

Dibello Architects is a regional residential architecture practice providing custom home design and master planning services in Texas. Our emphasis is on work that draws upon a range of vernacular, traditional, & classical architectural influences and carefully fits each project to its unique site.

Our custom home projects are located in town, at the coast, and on ranches, rivers, and lakes in Texas. Our work also includes barns and outbuildings, and master planning of multi-structure family ranches and retreats.

The firm is organized to provide comprehensive architecture and interior design services to clients who want to be closely involved in the process.

Our Design Philosophy

We pursue clarity, harmony, and beauty in what we create.

We’re rigorous in capturing timeless and authentic characteristics of specific architectural styles.

We love to create homes that embody an old-house character, but at the same time have open, light-filled spaces that flow together and open to outdoor living spaces.

We’re focused on the fit of the home and other structures for the best use of the site. The spaces created between structures are as important to us as the interior rooms.

Our Design Expertise

Our expertise is traditional residential architecture that draws on a wide range of architectural influences and fits naturally in the unique context of the Texas landscape.

Guided by the principles of traditional, vernacular, and classical architecture, our emphasis is on sensibly designed buildings that meet modern needs and feature clarity of circulation, natural light, and a strong connection to outdoor spaces.

Our houses feature clear hierarchy, careful massing, appropriate scale, covered porches, natural materials, and respect for the natural conditions of the building site.

More About Our Firm

Our Mission

Add beauty to the built environment by rooting our designs to a place and following a time-honored design approach.

Form relationships by responding to our client’s desire to create a place where memories are made for generations.

Honor God in how we carry out our work and in the relationships we form along the way.

Our Vision

We want Dibello Architects to be known for its expertise in bringing our client’s vision to life with clarity and lasting beauty.

Office Culture

We have a shared passion in the office for creating really cool houses & other buildings that are tuned-in to our client’s goals and their unique site.

Our passion is fueled by our love of old buildings and the opportunity to create new work that carries on a time-honored approach to architecture.

The firm has the feel of a collaborative design studio. Creativity is encouraged, and the work is fulfilling.

Learning is important to us, and it makes the work satisfying and fun.

We’re professional and diligent in our work, but try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Guiding Principles

Creativity; Responsibility; Integrity.