As a custom home designer & residential architect practicing in the Texas Hill Country, Principal Architect Dale Dibello believes that context is key in the design of new buildings. He follows a regional approach influenced by the diverse cultures that have shaped the Texas Hill Country and the Austin/San Antonio corridor. The rugged beauty and complexity of the land as well as the history of the place all inspire our custom home designs.
Learn about the passion behind our home design process.

Meet The Design Team

Creating residential architecture that is well-crafted, useful, and delightful in the Texas Hill Country.

Dale Dibello, AIA

Founder & CEO

Dale pursues clarity and simplicity as the design approach for his work, and believes that beauty and harmony are best found in patterns of traditional and classical architecture.

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Joey Kammerer

Design Principal

Joey takes a classical approach to design, working within the language of the traditional, vernacular design precedents of the region, and rooting each project to the landscape.

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Tressa Mann

Project Manager

Tressa finds her greatest enjoyment in working on traditional and historic residential projects and genuinely cares about staying true to the roots of an architectural style.

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Karen Brasier, AIA

Project Manager

Karen works to blend the simplicity and character of historical architecture with contemporary living

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Spicer Emge

Senior Project Designer

Spicer looks to the time-tested solutions found in regional, historic precedents as the starting point for creating beautiful architecture that is timeless.

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Hector Barraza

Project Designer

Hector enjoys developing designs that are appropriate to historical building traditions and methods.

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Alexander Goessler

Job Captain

Alexander is intrigued by the craft of architecture, and how it informs the design and construction of a project.

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Paloma Kennedy

Design Associate

Paloma loves figuring out how the pieces combine to make a whole, creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing spaces for her client's home.

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William Portales

Architectural Staff

William enjoys creating drawings that showcase the architectural character of the home.

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Tracy Hartness-Stalnaker

Office Manager / Bookkeeper

Tracy is intrigued by the design process and enjoys supporting the architectural team and providing exceptional service to clients. 

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Kind words from our clients

  • From our first contact with Dale we were immediately at ease and knew that we were in good hands. Dale provided us with a step by step layout of the process including approximately how long each step would take. He visited the land several times and helped us determine the site for our house and barn and we met several times at his office before he presented the first drawings. Dale is a great listener and he encouraged us to give him any lists, notes and pictures we had that would help him to get a clearer vision of what we wanted. We could not be happier with our beautiful home. It is perfect for our family and has an amazing connection to the surrounding land – we would not change a thing! We highly recommend Dibello Architects!

    Tommy and Donna Holmes

  • I’m really very appreciative of the way Dibello Architects works. There’s an ease in working with them that makes for a very positive experience. They have a good relationship with their contractors and no one overshadows the other. I hired Dale to design a 5,000 SF house on Edgewater Terrace for my brother. It is a fabulous house. Dibello has good artistic design and they’re open to alternatives. They are very comfortable working with clients. We’re really comfortable working with them. Their output is great. I think by far Dibello is the best residential architect in New Braunfels.

    Pat Wiggins

  • Dale’s very calm and receptive to input. I felt completely like his only client. He listened to how beautiful my land was and how the structure I was describing would fit on the land. He also listened to what we wanted and gave us preliminary drawings that were right on the mark. Part of the drawing was like he was reading my husband’s mind. Dale’s a dream to work with. He’s so skilled and down to earth. Dale really matched my needs as a client with his services as an architect. He clearly loves what he does. It’s been a great experience.

    Georgia Thomas

  • Dale and his team are super easy to work with. They knew what was right and what was wrong and how to achieve a certain vision. You can tell when Dale likes something and when he doesn’t. When his facial expression is not good I realized we have gone off the rails (Ha-ha!). He kept us on track. Dale’s great. Joey too.

    Leonard and Diane Dougal

  • Dibello Architects designed a “guest house” for our property in the Texas Hill Country. We selected them based on the aesthetic in their portfolio of work. The house was just completed in October 2016 and turned out exactly as we wanted. The layout Dale and team designed is perfect and during construction, almost everyone that came through the house commented on how great the layout is. Dale and his team designed appropriate details into the finishing of the house that embody the vision we had of a historic hill country house feel. We look forward to working with Dale and his team on the next phase of our property.

    Corey Wilson


Our practice is driven by the continued pursuit to create architecture that adds beauty to the built environment, especially in ways that are complimentary to the historic fabric and geography of the Texas Hill Country region. - Read more


We want Dibello Architects to be known for its expertise in creating new traditional architecture that compliments the Central Texas region. We want the design and construction process to be rewarding and engaging for us and our clients. - Read more

Dale Dibello, AIAFounder & Principal

Besides designing houses that are rooted in the Classical tradition of architecture, I also like to paint the landscape en plein air (on-location) and in my home studio. My hope is that both the paintings and the architecture will give you a place to step into – a place to rest and contemplate for a while. As architect and painter, my primary purpose is to honor and glorify God, by creating works of beauty that highlight creation.

Landscape Paintings

Landscape Paintings