Our Home Design Process

Beyond simply discussing your functional needs, we are really looking to pull out from you your vision for the house…how you see yourself and your family living there; your thoughts about materials and the style of the house; and what is special to you about the property.

In response to your vision, we begin to tell a story about a home, told initially with hand-drawn floor plans and sketches that convey the design and evoke an emotional response.

The process of developing the design continues with computer drawings. It is an interactive process, with frequent input from you, leading to the completion of the construction drawings.

During construction, we collaborate with the Builder and craftsmen, visiting the site and providing clarification and sketches to carry out the design intent.

Our goal in this process is to bring your vision to life with clarity and beauty – to design a house with long-lasting value that you’ll love to live in.

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Custom Home Design Process – Video Transcript

Thank you for considering Dibello Architects for your new custom home design. Here is a brief look at our creative process and the passion that drives it. Initially I’m really looking to pull out from you your vision for the house how you see yourself or your family your thoughts about materials and the style of the home and what special to you about the property. These first meetings at the building site in my office are all about uncovering your most important goals and vision for the house design. We’ll use those goals of the road map to guide the design process. We then spend some time on the site studying the landscape. A lot of times we’ll imagine our client sitting out under a covered porch looking out to a view and when we’re walking around the site we will try to find the optimum spot for that porch to be placed. That’s a starting place for us, it anchors the main body of the house and the other spaces can grow out from there. We want the home to feel as if it’s been fit into the landscape as if it’s been there for a long time. We begin to develop a conceptual design on sketch paper this is the point where the big idea for the project starts to take shape. We’re guided in our approach by studying the way old houses are put together. There’s an amazing freedom and clarity that comes when working within the rules of traditional architectural style. The Resulting forms are elegant convincing and familiar.

We also like to create an applied history for the house to make it look like it’s grown in place over time. We want it to look like an original rock house here. A wing that was added, a porch that was glassed in, this helps to give the home the soul of an old house and provides a way to control the massiveness of the home and connect it to the land. Your vision for the house is the starting point in this creative process, our favorite thing is to capture that vision in a home that you’ll love to live in. A well-crafted home that is built for the ages that will be a part of your family’s legacy.