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Ever wanted to create your own outdoor living space?

In this video, Dale Dibello discusses the unique consideration for designing outdoor living spaces using multiple structures in the Hill Country.

Dale Dibello:

A lot of the work that we’re doing that falls into this category of farmhouse and also some of our other projects as well, we’ll take some parts of the project and pull it apart a little bit. So there may be … a garage, a three car garage, might be pulled out and be shaped like a barn. Or there may actually be a real barn with the property. Or there may be a guest house or an ice house or a casita that gets pulled out of the main part of the house. In the same way that an old farm homestead was built over time (where maybe a main house was built and then maybe a cook shack, a barn, and all these different structures,) just out of necessity they built them separately because they happened over time or if there was money available later or different needs arose, they could do that. For someone’s new home, this is also a very nice way to do it, because not only does it lend that feeling to it, but we can put those pieces together in a way that creates some outdoor spaces, like a courtyard or just space between that become like outdoor rooms. In some cases it might have a pool or other kinds of things.

Rita Heck:

Which connects.

Dale Dibello:

Yeah, a pool terrace might connect those different buildings. We’re learning from what’s been done over hundreds of years, hundreds and hundreds of years actually, from even just before the farmhouse you’re referencing, and bringing that in to the current needs and what the peoples’ program is for their house and their land.