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Looking for Ideas on How To Use Barn Doors in Your Farmhouse or Hill Country Home?

Video Transcript:

Rita Heck: And then a really interesting door which is the sliding, what barn door?

Dale Dibello: Yeah, the sliding barn door goes into the laundry room, and the sliding bar door is new.

Rita Heck: Oh, it’s a new one?

Dale Dibello: Yeah, it’s new, but it’s made to look kind of old.

Rita Heck: You did a good job.

Dale Dibello: Yeah.

Rita Heck: You applied your artistic talent.

Dale Dibello: No, I didn’t personally do it, but it’s the idea, you know.

Rita Heck: You may have a new career.

Dale Dibello: Yeah.

Rita Heck: Painting barn doors.

Dale Dibello: Yeah, well, people do paint faux finishes on things, but the barn door is obviously very popular right now, but it’s a neat application for it there in, that’s kind of a mud room hall and so you can close off the laundry room with that sliding barn door. She has another one like that in her master bedroom too to separate.

Rita Heck: Well, it also saves space because you don’t have to allow for in and out.

Dale Dibello: Right. Right. So it’s neat. It’s an interesting thing in the hall. The other thing that’s nice about the hall is the wood siding and it’s painted wood siding inside the hall.

Rita Heck: Inside?

Dale Dibello: Yeah, you can see part of it on the side there. Yeah. So that’s just a neat finish to break up having sheet rock everywhere, to have some painted wood walls. And ceilings for that matter.

Rita Heck: Well, it’ll last a lot longer.

Dale Dibello: Oh, yeah. Very durable.

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