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Ever Wanted To Know How To Use Antique Doors & Beams for Your Farmhouse?

Video Transcript

Rita Heck – And you added a feeling of age by … I noticed I didn’t have any photos of the rafters, but I noticed the rafters.

Dale Dibello – Yes.

Rita Heck – But then also you have an affinity for doors.

Dale Dibello – Yeah, and particularly that client, she and her friend who was an interior designer both had this desire to go on a quest to find these antique doors.

Rita Heck – And they found them.

Dale Dibello – Yeah, they did the legwork because it’s time consuming to find those old doors. And they shopped around but, I helped them coordinate those doors and say, you know, yes, you can fit this door, or this would be a great place to have the door that you’re thinking of with the one that goes into her office is a neat old door with glass in it and-

Rita Heck – And the interesting thing is it’s an old door and you did not refinish it.

Dale Dibello – That’s right she pretty much left it alone, just like it was from the antique place that she bought it.

Rita Heck – Otherwise, you know, you cover it all up and who knows it’s an antique.

Dale Dibello – Right. And so the way that was incorporated in is very subtle, the walls were kept kind of simple so that this antique door fitting in that wall-

Rita Heck – Stood out.

Dale Dibello – Yeah, it stands out but it also seems, it just seems right and it becomes a work of art, really a nice focal point.

Rita Heck – That’s very interesting.

Dale Dibello – That same room has these antique beams and they were actually bought from a place in Tennessee and installed and they do look great, too. You look up and you see the character of the old beam and it was reclaimed from an old mill or something like that.

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