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Ever Wondered How To Design a Ranch Style Icehouse?

Rita heck: But his memorabilia he put into what they call the Ice House.

Dale Dibello: Yes, yes, and-

Rita heck: And that’s right adjacent to the main building.

Dale Dibello: Right. The Ice House is separated from the main house and it overlooks the pool and it has a front porch on it and basically inside it, kind of a party room, really, with a bar. He has an antique bar in there. That he-

Rita heck: Oh, is that an antique?

Dale Dibello: Yeah, he reclaimed that and just worked it into his whole idea there and lot of neat materials in that whole room but that’s sort of a party room, really. And it opens onto the porch.

Rita heck: Yeah, it looks like a bar.

Dale Dibello: Yeah. It’s really a bar and opens right out to the porch which overlooks the pool.

Rita heck: But then it also doubles as guest house.

Dale Dibello: Yes, that Ice House has a guest bedroom kind of on one end of it and a guest bath. Yeah. So …

Rita heck: Great place to stay.

Dale Dibello: Oh, it’d be awesome place to stay as a guest because the … It’s just a beautiful setting and you could swim in the pool and all that.
Dale Dibello: Another thing that he has is, he’s got a car, he’s got a garage, we split his garage into two parts. Two individual buildings. One part’s for the cars.the other part is for his collectibles because he has a lot more inventory-

Rita heck: Still more that what’s-

Dale Dibello: Yeah, he has more than that so we made a separate one and it looks like a neat kind of old storage shed look to it and you can pull a car in it but it’s intended to kind of store-

Rita heck: Does he have all his memorabilia displayed there or-

Dale Dibello: He mostly has it kind of stored in there.

Rita heck: Just in boxes?

Dale Dibello: So that he can just keep it in one place and …

Rita heck: What is he going to do with it?

Dale Dibello: I don’t know but you know that he used a lot of this-

Rita heck: Maybe you can find another client that could buy it from him.

Dale Dibello: Yeah, maybe so. I don’t know what his, but it’s obviously very much a passion for him and the house is a good way to display that and just live with it too. He can live with it every day.

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