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Rita Heck: Were you always a painter?


Dale Dibello: I was thinking about that, and I have always liked to draw and paint. It goes back to being a little kid and just at home and doing drawings of landscapes and just goofy things– cartoons and stuff. I have an uncle who’s passed away, but he was a respected artist and I have a cousin who’s a practicing artist. There’s apparently art in the genes, and my brother is also artistic. It’s just something that I’ve always liked to do.


Dale Dibello: In school I always took art. I also took drafting, but I always liked houses and buildings and stuff, too. I thought it would be an okay thing to go into in school. But all along, I’ve still been from time to time doing artwork. More recently I’ve really, really wanted to do even more, so I’ve just been making the time to do landscape paintings.


Rita Heck: Well you’ve got some of the farmhouse concept in the old tin … Well you’ve got new tin roofs now.