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Ever Wondered How to Design A Barn For Your Farmhouse?

Transcript below:

Dale Dibello

Yeah. You can see the parallel between some of the projects and the paintings…the things that I’m drawn to. If I’m driving out on some country road, and I’ll see an old barn or just some kind of building that’s on an old farm (or who knows what, it’s just some agricultural kind of building,) something about it…sitting out in the field like that…I find really interesting.

Those are the kinds of things that I like to do drawings and paintings of, but it has a little bit to do with the work that we do. There’s something about the shape of these farm buildings that we kind of carry over into the work. So, if you’re looking at the project, you can kind of identify these different parts of it and they have a distinct shape and that’s what draws your eye to a farm–a barn, let’s say. It’s such a contrast between it and the landscape that it’s in.

So, that’s kind of the connection between the two, I think. It can get nostalgic and stuff like that as well; but it has more to do, I think, with just an elemental solution to something. A barn and those other buildings are really a functional kind of thing, but then they have such a beauty because of the simplicity of their shape. It becomes another element.

Rita Heck

That’s actually the definition of a farmhouse–simplicity, low maintenance, not fussy.

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