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Ever Wondered How To Build a Hill Country Home for The Ages?

Video Transcript:

Dale Dibello – On these kinds of projects, there’s a desire to build for the ages, and it’s like they’re thinking about their own family. So for now, and then for the future, they have this idea that we’re going to build this house and it’s going to last a long time, we’re going to pass it down to our kids. And so therefore the workmanship on the house is approaching what it was when they built a house 100 years ago. They built it to last because they couldn’t conceive of the idea-

Rita Heck – Maybe I’ll do that too [crosstalk 00:00:30]

Dale Dibello – … Of building something that would fall down. And it’s really something that was lost.

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As a custom home designer & residential architect practicing in the Texas Hill Country, Principal Architect Dale Dibello believes that context is key in the design of new buildings. He follows a regional approach influenced by the diverse cultures that have shaped the Texas Hill Country and the Austin/San Antonio corridor. The rugged beauty and complexity of the land as well as the history of the place all inspire our custom home designs.

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