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Would you like to learn more about Texas Hill Country Farmhouse Style Homes?

Watch Dale’s interview series with Rita Heck, host of Green Connection TV.

Rita Heck:  

What do you consider a farmhouse?

Dale Dibello:              

Well, I think that the farmhouse covers a lot of things. It’s especially appropriate for Texas–people who have acreage or sometimes even if they don’t have acreage, they have the idea of living in a house that recalls an older home. That’s something that we kind of specialize in. Even though it’s a new home with a lot of new materials, we’ll bring in some old materials, timber beams, maybe old doors, antique fireplaces, other flooring materials that are antique. Those things will lend an era of age to it.

Dale Dibello:              

But the farmhouse can cover a lot of different looks really, and it can bring in a lot of Texas, German Hill Country and still be in that kind of farmhouse category. It can be more kind of classic with white clapboard siding and tin roof, barns, and things like that. So it’s become kind of a broad category and a lot of people are interested in it because I think that there’s a casual lifestyle that can happen in that kind of house.