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Ever Wondered How To Design An Old House Soul Feeling in A New Custom Hill Country Home?

Video Transcript

Dale Dibello: So these homes have all the conveniences and all the current construction techniques and energy conservation materials, but the feel of the house is the feeling you get when you walk into an old house and there’s something about it that you just like because it has a certain kind of soul to it, you know. And that’s really my goal on any of these projects to bring in that feeling of old, not in a hokey way, in a way that’s kind of classic.

Rita Heck: You don’t overdo it.

Dale Dibello: Yeah. It’s intended to be in a classical way. That same feeling, and everybody understands this, I think, they have a favorite house at some point in their life that they went to, and generally, it’s some old, traditional house that had high ceilings, large windows, big front porch, natural light, and it just had a feeling of comfort to it. That’s really our goal on all of these things. And these materials, say an old wood floor. Even if it’s not old, maybe it’s a new wood floor but it has the real character to it. Wide plank and things like that. There’s a lot of new materials that are done in this same level of craftsmanship that we saw 100 years ago. We’re seeing a return of that. It’s not wide spread and it’s kind of a specialty product, but there’s a lot of clients who also desire that kind of thing. They see the value in having these materials that elevate their house.

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As a custom home designer & residential architect practicing in the Texas Hill Country, Principal Architect Dale Dibello believes that context is key in the design of new buildings. He follows a regional approach influenced by the diverse cultures that have shaped the Texas Hill Country and the Austin/San Antonio corridor. The rugged beauty and complexity of the land as well as the history of the place all inspire our custom home designs.

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